nDetect specialises in the design and development of embedded imaging solutions for the consumer, business and industrial markets, covering a range of application areas in aviation security and industrial inspection.

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Software Development

nDetect has experience in developing a wide range of software solutions from threat injection in baggage screening systems to bespoke algorithm development in product inspection. nDetect understand the selection of detectors and ancillary equipment is only part of the solution. These devices have to be connected together to form a complete, robust and efficient acquisition, and analysis network, to effectively inspect your product or service. We have extensive knowledge and experience to develop the necessary software to achieve this. Our software will communicate with hardware, analyse data and display results locally or feed this to your back-end servers for further analysis.

nDetect supply software as part of our complete imaging solutions or work with customer-supplied equipment to develop bespoke solutions. Contact us to see how we can help develop software for your application.

nDetect ANPR image.