nDetect specialises in the design and development of embedded imaging solutions for the consumer, business and industrial markets, covering a range of application areas in aviation security and industrial inspection.

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X-ray Imaging

nDetect has 20 years experience designing and developing X-ray systems. We have created solutions from concept through to cost-effective commercial systems for security and industrial applications.

X-ray poses particular challenges for health and safety however it has profound advantage over visible light systems: inspecting within an item after final assembly, and in most cases after being sealed for quality, can be the only mechanism to ensure the 100% integrity of a component as it leaves the factory. nDetect can help with planning the integration of X-ray inspection within the production line or any public place, ensuring compliance with IRR’99 regulations and optimising solutions to match the requirements of the application.

We have particular experience in extrapolating difficult concepts and techniques and turning these into commercial products. Several members of the nDetect team have been directly involved in establishing an AIM-listed spin-out company from academic research, transfering IP and know-how into commercial and industrial products.

We believe X-ray represents the optimum solution for industrial inspection and remains the only viable technology for security applications. We can offer unique product evaluation facilities to establish if X-ray can inspect your product so contact us to see how X-ray can help you manufacture a better product.

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